Popular Package Options

Closeup Mingle Magic

Closeup mingle magic is the perfect way to get your guests laughing, mingling and having a good time.  Our magician will mingle with your guests performing impressive card tricks, making objects levitate and vanish. Your guests will have such a good time they will literally come up to you and tell you how good the coast magician was.

Typically this option works best for 1-2 hours depending on how many guests you have and can be adapted to all environments. Watch the show reel to see the kind of reactions you can expect when you hire the coast magician.

Comedy Magic & Illusion Show

Non stop wow factor magic from start to finish. Our show comprises of a blend of grand illusion, hilarious comedy and lots of audience participation. Perfect for events where you are wanting to entertain larger groups of people all at once.

Typically shows range from 20-30 minutes for maximum entertainment value.